FIGLAFactor in the Germline Alpha (gene)
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The expression of genes related to folliculogenesis (FIGLA, KIT-L, GDF9 and FSHR) was evaluated using real-time RT- PCR before and after two weeks of in vitro culture period.
Gene expression in ovarian tissue: As the results demonstrated (Table 3), among the studied genes, the ratios of expression of GDF-9, FIGLA, KIT-L and FSHR genes to [beta]-actin gene in non-vitrified group before culturing were 24.5x[10.sup.-4], 65x[10.sup.-4], 61x[10.sup.-4], 17.8x[10.sup.-4] and in vitrified group were 22.8x[10.sup.-4], 60x[10.sup.-4], 58x[10.sup.-4], 15.8x[10.sup.-4], respectively.
Transcription factor FIGLA is mutated in patients with premature ovarian failure.
Some of the gene candidates and their function in the pathogenesis of primary premature ovarian insufficiency Gene Gene locus Function of a gene product FMR1 Xq27.3 Oocyte development and maturation NR5A 9q33.3 Steroidogenesis of the ovary NOBOX 7q25 Early folliculogenesis FIGLA 2q12 Zona pellucida gene regulation FOXL2 3q23 Granulosa cell differentiation and follicle development SOHL1/2 13q13.3 Early folliculogenesis BMP-15 Zq11.2 Follicular maturation GDF-9 5q23.2 Follicular maturation INHA 2q33-36 Folliculogenesis regulation via FSH inhibition FSHR 2p21 Growth and development of the follicle, steroidogenesis LHR 2p21 Follicle maturation, steroidogenesis, ovulation ESR1 6q25.1 Growth and development of the follicle