FIGNForce d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale (French: National Gendarmerie Intervention Force)
FIGNFidgetin (gene type)
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Days 1 and 2 The FIGN objectives were to provide participants with: a) enhanced knowledge in geriatric nursing care; b) an understanding of the LTC practice setting and its role in the continuum of care; c) awareness of innovative state research projects and partnerships in LTC settings; d) partnership opportunities with LTC facilities for future clinical placements and collaborative teaching opportunities for nursing students: and e) tools and resources to incorporate knowledge gained into future classroom and clinical teaching experiences with nursing students.
Specific nursing activities were proposed by the FIGN planning committee, but the scheduling and selection of activities were delegated to the LTC facility contact person (in most cases the director of staff education).
Challenges and Opportunities Specific challenges were faced in the development and implementation of the FIGN during the application and selection process.
To better meet the original goal, 2012 application materials were changed to stress that the FIGN is intended for faculty who have limited education or professional experience in gerontological nursing; applications from part-time adjunct clinical instructors as well as full-time faculty are explicitly encouraged.
Evaluations and reflections from the first FIGN have provided valuable input that will guide planning for the future.
"I feel the FIGN experience actively motivated me to seek out opportunities during my practicum to incorporate geriatric knowledge into my teaching experiences.
One challenge encountered was how to continue mentor/mentee relationship after completion of the FIGN. Statements from the follow-up survey showed that participants and mentors considered themselved too busy to engage in a mentoring relation.
As with any worthwhile endeavor, financial resources were necessary to make the FIGN a success.