FIGRFigure (skating)
FIGRFederated Indians of Graton Rancheria (California)
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To an extent, the results on income are determined by the relatively high correlation between FIGR and income.
FIGR and changes in FIGR are insignificant in all specifications.
TABLE 1 VARIABLE DEFINITIONS Total Total net new firms as percent of total firms in the state Income State real income per capita Change Income Annual percent change in real income per capita Age Median age of a state's population Minority Combinopulation percentage of a state's African Americans and Latinos Loans Dollar volume of commercial and industrial loans Pop State population Change Pop Annual percent change in a state's population FIGR Real total federal intergovernmental revenues per capita Change FIGR Annual percent change in federal intergovernmental revenues per capita Freedom Economic freedom (EFNA index) TABLE 2 DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS Standard Variable Mean Deviation Minimum Maximum Total 1.