FIHIFederation of Indian Herbal Industry (India)
FIHIFoundation for Independent Home Inspection (real estate)
FIHIFunctional Integrated Hazard Identification (UK)
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elou ae[??]i?re naeje Would've been the ruin we joulabi: hat'a:man Of my grieved soul that I ?[??]?eltahou bi gouwaeje sparked Fire is gutting it more; ena:rou touyela fihi 10 The wind scatters the remnant.
Malfuz literature is a rich dimension of Islamic spiritual discourse and contains many remarkable collections such as the Fihi Ma Fihi of Rumi [d.
Jihad in the field of waste austerity, Looks sublime: "It Ytthrva fihi Yhbvn men" to soften the austerity and it has three pillars: austerity actions to preserve, and to record the words of penance and austerity Rfq ethics and acts of penance to three things: national science and halal food, and the last word.
He delved into the history of religions, most directly in the installation Fihi Ma Fih (What Is in It, in It), first exhibited during the Second Istanbul Biennial in 1989 at the Hagia Eirene Museum, a Byzantine church inside the Topkapi Palace.
Works of Molavi Rumi: Prose works Fihi Ma Fihi provides a record of seventy-one talks and lectures given by Rumi on various occasions to his disciples.
h did h'd fihi She'd spent years going through the Se'entars ro e moiwalf covere shednever g en nsofmar eoutofspte.
(54.) Davis: "It is possible to suppose however that the opponent might admit it or deny it," based on Atay's edition: yatasawwar fihi min al-khasm iqrar wa inkar, whereas our text says: wa lakin yatasawwara fihi min al-khasm iqrar inkar.
al-Andalusi ahad hadam min al 'Ubayd Allah wa- 'abiduhum; wa- 'alayha sur hasin min tub wa-laha wadin yuqalu lahu Sahur fihi ma' 'azim munbasit 'ala wagh al-ard wa-laysa bi-l- 'amiq [...].
As the great poet Jalal al-Din al-Rumi taught, "Ritual prayer can be different in every religion, but belief never changes" (Fihi Mafih).