FIIAFinnish Institute of International Affairs (Helsinki, Finland)
FIIAForeign Investment Implementation Authority (India)
FIIAFinancial Institutions Insurance Association
FIIAFidelity International Investment Advisors (UK)
FIIAFellowship of the Institute of Internal Auditors (UK)
FIIAFirst Independent Insurance Agency (Michigan)
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Out of 110 entries, Landbank is one of the 13 awardees and the only Philippine bank recognized in this year's FIIA.
of Int'l Affairs, Whose Money?: The Tug-of-War over Chinese State Enterprise Profits 5 (FIIA Briefing Paper No.
To view and download this brief, please see FIIA Comment:
The stock values of MREITS that are heavily invested in FHA paper would likely take a hit if the FIIA requires a bailout.
Since FIIa (thrombin) is the target of dabigatran, the anti-FIIa assay should be the test of choice for this drug.
Vision for the Future and Implications for EU Foreign Policy," FIIA Report, 2004/8, Helsinki: Finnish Institute of International Affairs.
Dimensionalism and the EU's New Neighbourhood Policy", UPI Working Papers, No.41, Ulkopoliittinen instituutti (UPI), The Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA), Helsinki, 2003.
Replicons FIIA and FIB were simultaneously present in all the spvC-containing virulence plasmids among the S.
Even the subtype of fast-twitch fibers (Fiia), which has more oxidative capacity than the absolute all-out fast twitch fibers (Fiib), develops more with endurance training.
Prentice, MIIA, FIIA, QiCA, is the director of technology practices at the Institute of Internal Auditors (