FIITFoundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (Delhi, India)
FIITFellow of the Institute of Indirect Taxation (UK)
FIITFaculty of Informatics and Information Technology
FIITFrance India Information Technology
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Luis Gaitan, then a student researcher and now executive director of FIIT, says, "The value of forested coffee as habitat was obvious to any naturalist; what we did was begin to quantify the impacts on biodiversity as coffee farms were deforested for the new monoculture growing systems.
The plight of the world's vanishing rainforests--home to half of all the plant and animal species that share this planet with us--was much in the news as FIIT and other researchers began revealing that traditional, forested coffee farms were "the next best thing to real rainforest.
FIIT brought their research findings to the Rainforest Alliance, an international, non-profit, conservation organization with a reputation for merging business and environmental interests.