FIKFederazione Italiana Karting (Italian: Italian Karting Federation; Roma, Italy)
FIKFrance Inde Karnataka (French humanitarian organization)
FIKFlying Insect Killer
FIKFlange Insulation Kit
FIKFederazione Italiana Kendo (Italian: Italian Kendo Federation; martial arts)
FIKFluorescence Induction Kinetics (plant physiology)
FIKFault Isolation Kit
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This non-viable Lactobacillus, in the form of FIK L-137 (the "HK" stands for "heat-killed"), is the dominant component of Immuno-LP20, which is making an appearance in a wide variety of health food and supplement products.
San Diego, CA, March 09, 2012 --( “The USMBOK series of publications is a welcome addition to the International Best Practice (IBP) site, extending the guidance to include that relevant to any service business in any service sector, and further helping to widen thinking by introducing an outside-in, customer centric perspective,” Ian Fik, Account Manager
Gilpin (2003); Whitehead, C.C., Polsky, R.H., Crookshank, C., & Fik, E.
FIK has designed a system for alleviating neuromuscular disability amongst these patients from their homes and by which these can be supervised by the therapist who will be able to carry out a quantitative evaluation of the therapy.
Al Batoul wrote Kol El Nisa'a Fik (All the Women in You) as an homage to all women participating in the competition.
During the year, local militias--some of whom maintain alliances with the Somali Region Special Police against insurgents--and insurgent groups in Degeharbur and Fik zones of Ethiopia's Somali Region reportedly conscripted children, though these allegations could not be conclusively verified due to restrictions on access to the region's conflict zones.
Het gaat om "De poetische avonturen van Polsmofje en het poesje Fik" uit de bundel Geachte Muizenpoot en achttien andere gedichten (1965) van Fritzi Harmsen van Beek en Lenteleven: een beurtzang van Kees Ouwens dat in 2000 als bibliofiele uitgave verscheen en later werd opgenomen in Ouwens' Alle gedichten tot dusver (2002).
The seized towns according to the ONLF statement are: Obolka located near Harar, Hamaro located to the East of Fik, Higlaaley near Degah Bur, Yucub located 40km from Wardheer, Galadiid located 35km from Kabri Dahar, Boodhaano near the city of Godey, Gunogabo located near Degah Bur.
Aiming to detail the realities of the phenomenon of gladiatorial and beast combats over several centuries, Fik Meijer explains the possible origins and early history of shows, the background, training, life expectancy, and "love life" of gladiators; the architectural settings; the sequence of events in the arena; purchase prices of gladiators and animals; and later opposition and decline (68).
Adhering to the methodology proposed by Fik, Ling, and Mulligan, (20) various empirical models were selected and progressively tested.
The show also will feature performances by Mak Dub, Maniac Lok, DJ Chill with Ronin, Chef Boy R Bangerz, Cousin Fik and Mr.