FIKIFlight Into Known Icing (aviation)
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Now, as he flew inbound, he found he had to cycle the pneumatic deicing boots on the wings and tail almost continuously--the requirement of continuous use of deicing equipment being the definition of "moderate" ice accumulation, and the upper limit of FIKI approval.
(39) Antony Nyong and Charles Fiki, "Draught related conflicts, management and resolution in the West African Sahel: Considerations for Climate Change Research", Die Erde, Vol.137, 2006, p.223-248.
During the conference which has held on Monday, El Fiki explained that Jumia depends on Aramex, Mashaweer and FedEx firms to transporting products.
Apres le retrait d'El-Baradei et en attendant le depot officiel des candidatures, neuf pretendants se sont fait connaEtre a ce jour: Amr Moussa (ex- Secretaire general de la Ligue arabe), Mohamed Selim El Aoua, Hazem Salah Abou Ismail, Hicham El Bastawissi, Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, Bouthaina Kamel, la seule femme, Ayman Nour (perdant de la Presidentielle de 2005 devant Moubarak), Hamdine Sabbahi et Mohamed Abou Zeid Al Fiki.
The position of information minister had been held by Anas Fiki who is now under investigation.
Fakhry Fiki, a professor of economics at Cairo University and a former Executive Director at the International Monetary Fund explained that there are two types of costs for the economy - the first includes the prices of real assets, buildings and real estate as well as financial assets, stocks and bonds, which will return to normal as soon as things back to normalcy.
Mustafa Naggar, a member of ElBaradei's group, was quoted as saying the government had requested talks through Information Minister Anas Fiki and Mubarak's new Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq, but the request is rejected until Mubarak ends his 30 years in power.
North Medford: Black Tornado returns talent at skill positions including quarterback Brian Reese and running back Gage Jacobson and receivers Fiki Silafau and Jeremy Scottow.
Fiki, his wife, is black, and black women are "not good enough; only the state of being white could satisfy me" (220).
Charles Fiki presents an exploratory study of alcohol and drug use in two rural communities in Plateau State, Nigeria with the aim of raising awareness to the rural alcohol and drug problem.
I interviewed 10 participants in this study: three ESL students (Camille, Fiki, and Juan), two ESL teachers (Cindy and Jason), three parents of ESL students (Nadia, Edem, and Natalia), and two mainstream teachers (Kathy and Wayne).