FILINFelag Islenskra Laekna I Noregi (Icelandic: Association of Icelandic Doctors Working in Norway)
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Ballet chief Sergei Filin's face and eyes suffered severe burns in the January 17 attack, which exposed a culture of deep intrigue and infighting at the famed theatre celebrated for its grand, classical ballets.
Once a feted principal dancer, now artistic director of one of the world's most famous ballet companies, the Bolshoi in Moscow, Sergei Filin lies in a hospital bed probably wondering whether he will ever see properly again.
Filin is now able to walk independently and speak with his relatives, Levchenko added.
Filin said the dancers had initially been nervous of the difficulties of McGregor's choreography but said he had now given the company whole new possibilities.
Essas alteracoes sao justificadas pelo processo de crescimento e maturacao presentes nesta faixa de idade com fases susceptiveis ao aumento da testosterona e desenvolvimento da estrutura corporal (Wilmore e Costill, 2001; Filin e Volkov, 1998).
A recent analytical model by Filin & Ovadia (2007) explored the effect of individual size variation on population dynamics and stability in a seasonal environment.
Sergei Filin, the artistic director of the Bolshoi Ballet, said he was eager to return to work, following the ( acid attack in January that left his face and eyes badly burned
Sergei Filin, 42, demanded a full investigation by police including questioning of dancers inside the troupe.