FILLAFrente de las Identidades y de Las Lenguas Amenazadas (Front for the Endangered Identities and Languages)
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The BMW S 1000 RR enjoyed victory when Michal Filla (CZE / BMW Sikora Motorsport) won the second of the two races.
The woe of selectionDue to the limited extent of this exhibition, I had to omit something, so I decided to skip the initial expressionist phase of Filas creation, as well as the last part, the end of the 1960s and 1970s, of Fullas work, she said, adding that despite this limitation, the Filla ndash Fulla: The Artists Fate exhibition comprises 140 works by each of these two artists.
Serotonin has long been demonstrated to play a role in a series of central and peripheral modulatory processes of gastropods (see, e.g., Walker, 1986; Walker et al, 1996; Gillette, 2006), including embryonic development and different behaviors, such as feeding and locomotion (rotation and gliding) (Helisoma trivolvis, Goldberg et al., 1994; Doran et al., 2004; Lymnaea stagnalis, Filla et al, 2009: Balog et al, 2012; IB, KE, RH, EEV, G.
To date, published studies on the ecology of Guiana dolphins in Paranagua Bay have focused primarily on group size and group dynamics (Filla and Monteiro, 2009a; Santos et al., 2010), yet spatial patterns of behaviour and habitat preference are poorly known.
As a thank-you gift for the thousands of eager Filipino fans who had 'braved the traffic and ticket prices,' and 'waited for 17 years,' Martin, fiddling with his guitar, whipped up an impromptu 'Manila song'-parts of which went thus: 'I'd say that the crowd's such a thrilla/ They're all killa, no filla ...'
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Filla, "The Single Minute Exchange of Die Methodology in a High-Mix Processing Line," Journal of Competitiveness, vol.
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So fascinated are these funny women with the murderously macabre that they've recorded their own podcast, All Killa No Filla, about their favourite serial killers.