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FILOLIFight Love Live (San Francisco Bay Area, US)
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Attend the Orchid Care class at Filoli in Woodside (Feb 20; $50; filoli.
Owner Daniel O'Kane was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and worked at London's Kew Gardens and the Bay Area's Filoli Estate before launching Liege six years ago in the city's Pacific Heights neighborhood.
13th Annual Autumn of Filoli Fall Harvest Festival.
Holiday Traditions at Filoli runs November 27 through December 4 and has the mansion decked out in garlands and 18-foot Christmas trees.
12th Annual Autumn at Filoli Fall Harvest Festival.
Sunset climate zones 15, 16: Try these easy-care hybrid teas, which Lucy Tolmach, director of horticulture at Filoli in Woodside, likes to plant: 'Double Delight' (white and red), 'Frederic Mistral' (pink), 'Just Joey' (buff orange), 'Marco Polo' (yellow), 'Mister Lincoln' (dark red), 'Peter Mayle' (reddish purple), 'Remember Me' (coral red), 'Royal Dane' (reddish orange), and 'Secret' (white and pink).
WOODSIDE, NOV 30-DEC 6: Filoli celebrates the holiday season with Filoli at Home.
Filoli is one of America's great garden estates, and local gardeners should visit it at least once (although after an initial visit, they'll most likely find themselves coming back again and again).