FILTFederazione Italiana Lavoratori Trasporti (Italian: Italian Transport Workers' Federation; Italy)
FILTFast Inverse Laplace Transform (algorithm)
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Alitalia faces its first strike since relaunching one year ago, as flight attendants and pilots represented by FILT CGIL and flight attendants represented by AVIA have planned a 4-hr.
Ebbe Filt Petersen, a university student and Osbjorn's son, was encouraged by his father to come along on this trip.
LAY THE TABLE - Filt blanket (pounds 24.99, from Unravel this fleece from its compact carry form, and you'll almost certainly have the biggest blanket in the park.
Glom Filt Rate, est: This is the estimated rate of fluid flow through the kidney and compliments the serum creatinine.
In essence, this meant a political system of small lordships, a native legal system (Brehon law), and an intellectual class (the bards, or filt) that served as the arbiters of political legitimacy.
The St Lawrence and its dieing lakes spew filt back on corporate lawns; and carcinogenic effluents kill fish, fowl and beast.
However we don't think of them as agents but simply as a software function or filt er.
However, the frequency-dependent properties of the two transmission lines on both sides of the discontinuity that gives an impedance ratio should he also considered to design filt ers more exactly.
QuickBooks has over 50 business reports including sales by customer, accounts receivable agings, cash flows, and many others, while allowing customized reports that use filt ers to quickly access needed data.
NBS[TM] (Nothing But Speech) is a tool that filt ers out stray sounds that occur during dictation such as "umms" and "ahs" so these sounds aren't entered as words.
A spokesperson for FILT, an air transport union, stated on 22 November, "We want the government to take concrete measures like in the United States.