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FILTHFailed in London, Try Hong Kong
FILTHFailed in Life, Try Hell
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Similarly, a cleanliness campaign and awareness against the spreading of filth at touristic spots is also in full swing.
Speaking at Bongo in the Bongo District of the Upper East Region to commemorate Ghana's 62nd Independence Anniversary, Ambassador Abayage said: 'Besides our cities, towns and villages are all engulfed in filth, resulting in occurrence of diseases such as cholera, malaria and other associated diseases.
Meanwhile, the garbage and filth is scattered in the streets and
The citizens have also demanded of the district authorities to remove this filth depot forthwith otherwise they will be forced to stage protest rallies.
The bus stops have generated filth and rubbish that has been in situ for months, which of course invites further detritus.
Lucifer Lovecraft, 29, was "fixated on the family" of Dani Filth, 45, a court heard.
In the video, he says: "There's filth and mud everywhere.
To say that such filth offered up in the guise of entertainment does no harm is nonsense.
The commission remarked that the filth taken out from drains during cleaning work was not being properly disposed and it was left alongside drains.
So much so, the piles of filth and garbage dumped quite near the school and the foul smell emanating from the dump cause multiple ailments to the students and staff, they added.
He was playing in the street when someone had kidnapped him and booked him to some place where he sodomised him and later tied his hands and feet and throttled him to death and packed the dead body in a sack and dumped it a nearby filth depot.
They said that due to lack of filth depots, filth and garbage were seen scattered here and there on different roads during the past one week and the stink emitting from the filth has made the lives of dwellers of the area miserable particularly in Darbar Road, Mohallah Naseerpura, Qazi Pura, Mian Da Kot, Rasheedpura, Mughalpura, Bahawalpura, Kassoke Road, Alipur Road, Jalalpur Road and other populous localities.