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Oba to je, tiluu roju oba ni; We identify a king by the character of his reign; Bomo eeyan kan tun joba, tiluu Be it peace or anguish ko roju, oba naa ni Itan-an won ni i yapa; Only their respective 210 histories would differ; Gbogbo ara ti kaluku ba filu Whatever one makes of one's e da country Dandan ni pe ko wowe itan.
En mayo de 2010 y en el marco de la XIII Feria del Libro Universitario de la Universidad de Los Andes (FILU 2010), fue bautizado el libro EL PLATANO EN LA GASTRONOMIA VENEZOLANA (Musa Paradisiaca/Harton cv).
Eshi a kendabala okupopya nameme natatekulu, ove shi likala filu, ndee tava ula nge kutya ame omupopi woipupulu nombwada.
In a Sicilian proverb, fate is described as "attaccat[a] a un filu di sita" [hanging on a silk thread], a reference not only to the uncertainty and precariousness of life, but to the volatility of fate's disposition, moved, as it were, by the slightest breeze.
Without one of their better players - although it should be acknowledged Hunte has scored only two tries, four less than Filu Seru - the probability of Hull reproducing last week's form must be greatly diminished.