FILURFlying Innovative Low-Observable Unmanned Research
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Nonetheless, several European countries are funding national Ucas programmes, such as Britain's BAE Systems Taranis, Germany's Eads Barrakuda, Italy's Alenia Aeronautica Sky-X, Russia's Yakovlev Proryv (Breakthrough) and the lightweight Voron and Sweden's Saab Aerosystems Filur.
Saab's next UCAV demonstrator is the Filur [Flying Innovative Low-Observable Unmanned Research Vehicle], which is a subscale flying model of a B-2-like very LO configuration.
Before they had fully committed themselves to the Neuron programme, however, a number of the involved aircraft manufacturers had conducted their own demonstrator programmes to prove their worth, like the Filur, Duc and Sky-X to name but three.
Indeed, not only would have all the experience garnered so far by Saab with the Sharc and Filur demonstrators been a total waste by being left by the wayside, but it would have probably also questioned the use of Sweden's northern test range by the Neuron consortium.