FIMEFestival International des Musiques d'Ecran (French: International Festival of Screen Music)
FIMEFIME International Medical Exposition, Inc.
FIMEFédération Internationale des Maisons de l'Europe (French: International Federation of European Houses)
FIMEFoundation of the Finnish Institute in the Middle East (Helsinki, Finland)
FIMEFabrication Industrielle de Matériels et d'Equipements (French: Industrial Manufacturing of Materials and Equipment)
FIMEFondo de Inversiones para el Desarrollo de la Microempresa (Spanish)
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FIME also noted that users would be able to validate against various API standards and PSD2's third party access to account (XS2A) norms.
In this study, we have examined if fimB and fimE transcription are affected by the interaction between the FimH ligand and its mannose receptor.
An exception was that transcription of fimE was the highest in pH 8.0 LB media in the present study, whereas the previous study showed optimal expression in pH 7.0 LB media [28].
In addition to regulatory proteins, histone like protein (H-NS), integrated host factor (IHF), leucine response protein (Lrp), product of fimB and fimE gene controlled the inversion of DNA segment.
The type 1 fimbriae regulatory protein FimE (RWLH03922), FimF protein precursor (RWLH00227, RWLH01383, RWLH03927), FimG protein precursor (RWLH00226, RWLH03929), FimH protein precursor (RWLH00225, RWLH03930), fimbrin-like protein FimI (RWLH03924), type-1 fimbrial protein A chain precursor (RWLH00230, RWLH03923) and chaperone protein EcpD (RWLH03605, RWLH04198) were identified.
A particular property of the majority of these multi drug resistant strains is the possession of a plasmid of the FIme incompatibility group coding for multiple resistance.
* All the reviewers, moderators, group leaders and group members (FIME batch, March 2015 and September 2015)
Esta planta contaba con una capacidad de 14L/s y tecnologia FIME pero debido a la rapida expansion del sector, fue necesaria su ampliacion a 34 L/s y al cambio de tecnologia, siendo la filtracion rapida y floculacion-clarificacion en medio granular la opcion seleccionada.