FIMIFederazione Industria Musicale Italiana (Italian: Italian Music Industry Federation; Italy)
FIMIFrequent Itemset Mining Implementations (workshop)
FIMIForo Internacional de Mujeres Indígenas (Spanish: International Indigenous Women's Forum; New York, NY)
FIMIFaculdades Integradas Maria Imaculada (Portuguese: Integrated College Mary Immaculate; Brazil)
FIMIForest Inventory and Management Institute (Lithuania)
FIMIFinancial Information Management Incorporated (Minnesota-based Futures and Options trading software company)
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Leyenda: Presento las novedades de su nueva coleccion de ropa infantil en la FIMI Kids Fashion Week en Madrid.
The acquisition makes FIMI the controlling shareholder of Orbit.
FIMI will invest NIS 90 million to acquire a 50% stake in SOS Energy, reflecting a NIS 180 million value for the company (an EBITDA multiple of 6).
In the current fiscal period, total imports were expected to cross the 20-million-mt mark with exports either falling or at best remain stagnant, FIMI said.
Later this year, Digicel plans to launch a GSM network in Suriname, said Bernard Henri, CEO of FIMI Wireless, a Digicel dea ler partner.
In these sets of experiments we confirmed the conclusion made at the FIMI 2003 workshop [5], that there are no clear winners with small databases.
A (Mister Light) Dott Gallina (Kaphs) Dulevo (Intercare) FIMI Philips (DTP) ICC-Italian Cable Company (Mister Light) Redi (National Plastics)
DTN was formed in 1995 as a partnership between FIMI and Technovia Research Inc.
Instrumentada para consumo externo y para alimentar el optimismo, cuando no el injustificado triunfalismo de quienes sostienen que lo peor de la crisis ha sido superado, el prepago a Estados Unidos y al FIMI es un buen elemento publicitario, cuyos efectos se ven ya en el ingreso de capitales a la Bolsa de Valores, esos mismos capitales que en 1994 y en otras ocasiones salieron en estampida al menor indicio de deterioro economico del que Mexico no esta todavia a salvo.
BALCO's Mainpat mines won the FIMI Gem Granite award for Environment Management.
All current shareholders of the two companies, including FIMI Opportunity Funds, Israel's leading private equity fund, US based Paine and Partners, LLC (Paine and Partners) and Dhanna Engineering of India, will remain shareholders of the merged company and will remain active on the board of directors, ensuring continuity and providing strong support for the success of the merged company.
Because the auction process would entail investors bidding large amounts of money to gain access to resources, bidding would only focus on high-grade deposits leading to selective mining and thereby neglecting issues like efficient exploitation of low-grade ore, zero-waste best mining practice and minimizing production costs to check end use prices, FIMI contended in a communication to the Ministry of Mines.