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Earlier this month, La Repubblica newspaper also pointed out former Fimit executive director Massimo Caputi and Fortress Investment Group as potentially interested in making separate offers for Prelios shares.
Pirelli said that the merger was not compatible in terms of time frame with Pirelli RE's development plan already under way, and with Fimit's reorganisation process.
Complex feature 4,117 False Positive [10] extraction; User Rate: 2.1% profiles can be fooled DroidChain [11] Code analysis; 1,260 F1-score: 0.8 Restricted to 4 malware models Andromaly [12] Monitoring impact on 20 AUC: 0.8-0.99 device; Tack of Ground truth; May require device rooting RiskRanker [13] Code analysis; 118,318 Number of Fimited support of Detections: 718 behaviours; DroidAPIMiner Signature dependent 20,000 Accuracy: 0.99 [14] Code analysis; API calls can be benign; Static Whitelisting Massvet [15] Vulnerable to code 1, 2M Number of changes; Code Detections: analysis 127,429 Table 2: Dataset overview.
* A request from Roger Storp Farms Fimited to rescind an invoice issued for the use of a dry sprinkler powder aerosol (DSPA) unit, in the amount of $1213.32, was approved.