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The LCA estimation procedure, full information maximum likelihood (FIML), accommodates missing data by estimating parameters using all available data.
A model with an endogenous variable of this type can be estimated as a bivariate probit with FIML (Greene, 2008, p.
Para el ajuste final, se uso PROC MODEL con la opcion FIML (metodo de maxima verosimilitud) el cual minimiza el cuadrado medio del error (Statistical Analysis System, 1992).
We used full information maximum likelihood (FIML) estimation based on the missing-at-random assumption.
Instead of excluding cases without information, full information maximum likelihood (FIML) estimation was used.
Therefore, data were assumed to be missing at random (Little, 1988; Little & Rubin, 1989) and missing data was imputed using Full Information Maximum Likelihood Estimation (FIML; Muthen & Muthen, 2012).
The LCGAs were carried out using Mplus version 7.3 using the full information maximum likelihood (FIML) estimation of missing data [34].
Full information maximum likelihood (FIML) estimation was used to address the issues of non-response (unit as well as item non-response).
In order to account for missing data (beyond the missing due to periodontal issues mentioned earlier), a Full Information Maximum Likelihood method (FIML) in MPLUS 7.4 [55] was incorporated.
(2) The second model is a switching regression Poisson model based on the full information maximum likelihood (FIML) method (Miranda 2004).
Missing data appeared to be completely at random on 2 of 305 participants as it did not relate to any other variables, and thus was estimated using full-information maximum likelihood (FIML).