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FIMSFaculty of Information and Media Studies
FIMSFinancial Information Management System
FIMSFlow Injection Mercury System (analysis of mercury by atomic absorption spectroscopy)
FIMSFacilities Information Management System (DOE)
FIMSFédération Internationale de Médecine Sportive (International Federation of Sports Medicine)
FIMSFoundation Information Management System (MicroEdge)
FIMSFarook Institute of Management Studies (India)
FIMSFedEx International MailService
FIMSFort Irwin Middle School (Yermo, CA)
FIMSFault Isolation and Monitoring System
FIMSFront Interface Mechanical Standard
FIMSField Information Management Strategy
FIMSFederated Identity Management System
FIMSFissionable Isotope Mass Standards
FIMSFault Isolation Modules
FIMSFacilities Integrity Management Strategy
FIMSFunctional Independent Measurement System
FIMSFaculty of Informatics and Mathematical Sciences (Queen Mary and Westfield College, London, England)
FIMSFSS Information Management System
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The initial pseudo-molecular weights of evaporating oil at the indicated extents of mass loss were taken as 255, 340, 410, 470 and 535 g/mol (estimated from FIMS data).
Addressing the limitations of the previous off-site bank monitoring systems, FIMS provides two complementary surveillance scores based upon two distinct econometric models--the F]MS rating and the FIMS risk rank.
For its broad collaboration to address an issue that was limiting the development of broadcast operations, FIMS took the IBC2012 Judges' Prize.
Reference has already been made to the belief that English high-attainers compare well with those from Japan and elsewhere and evidence to support this belief quoted from FIMS.
So it brought together in the FIMS initiative virtually all of the manufacturers in the segment, together with a large number of broadcasters from around the world.
NEW YORK -- MicroEdge, LLC, the leading provider of solutions for the giving community worldwide, today announced the release of FIMS 12.
Remote Forensics features FIMS (Forensic Incident Management Service), a sophisticated and secure web-based application which handles the investigation from start to finish.
Remote Forensics consists of two main components - a hardware 'POD' which is installed at companies' remote risk locations, and FIMS, a fully-secure case management application which can be operated over the internet.
With FIMS CRM and Development Process Changes, Leading Community Foundation Increases Donor Base and Quadruples Assets
For clients using IGAM for FIMS, IGAM for GIFTS[R], or Online Applications in GIFTS[R] Online
Integrating the best-in-class FIMS and digital signature solutions means the AEC market will soon realize significant benefits from our common objective.
An address update tool facilitates address updates in FIMS using the National Change of Address (NCOA) database, and eliminates the tedious process of entering address updates into the system, one by one.