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FINFinancial Information
FINFinance Department (International Monetary Fund)
FINFederazione Italiana Nuoto (Italian: Italian Swimming Federation)
FINFingerprint Identification Number
FINFriend in Need
FINInput Frequency
FINFacility Identification Number
FINFédération des Industries Nautiques (French: Federation of Nautical Industries)
FINFederal Identification Number
FINFASB Interpretation Number
FINFinfishes (FAO fish species code)
FINFix It Now
FINFreedom to Innovate Network (Microsoft)
FINFleet Identification Number
FINField Information Notice
FINFactory Inspectorate Note (UK)
FINFord Interfaith Network
FINFunctional Identification Number
FINFondo Imperatrice Nuda contro la Sperimentazione Animale (Italian: Naked Empress Fund Against Animal Testing; Italy)
FINFinnair Oyj, Finland (ICAO code)
FINFisher Identification Number (Pacific region)
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He has a peculiar way of showing his dorsal hooked fin in swimming, which looks something like a Roman nose.
He has no fins on his back (most other porpoises have), he has a lovely tail, and sentimental Indian eyes of a hazel hue.
By the black marking of the extremity of its fins, I recognised the terrible melanopteron of the Indian Seas, of the species of shark so properly called.
In the Gulf region, fin trade had wreaked havoc on several species including hammerheads, oceanic whitetip, blue, threshers and silky and contributed to 181 shark and ray species being listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as threatened with extinction, according to a 2013 report in (http://www.
This lesser known, lawful side of the fin trade could become illegal nationwide if the U.
Les produits generes a ce titre ont totalise, a fin decembre 2016, 322 mille dinars contre 257 mille dinars au 31 decembre 2015[beaucoup plus grand que], explique le communique de la BCT publie ce lundi 3 avril 2017.
It is hard to think of a shark without imagining a fin moving above the water and hearing the music from Jaws.
Sixth, humans do not need shark fin soup to live but sharks need their fins to survive.
H1 8010-007491 paint rfu fin syn ena s/g br/spr lig ad grey
shark fin exports in 2015, Amanda Keledjian, a marine scientist at Oceana, a D.
Fins wrapped in thin skin, base of which somewhat swollen; dorsal-fin originating vertically at the middle length of pectoral-fin, with one very weak spine wrapped in very thin skin and four rays.
1] studied heat transfer and pressure drop of micro pin fin arrays in a rectangular channel.