FINAGROFinanciamiento del Sector Agropecuario (Spanish)
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The beneficiaries will be the small, medium and large producers who will be able to access the 'A Toda Mquina' line of credit under FINAGRO conditions with a subsidized rate, whose main objective is the innovation and modernization of agriculture, necessary to improve productivity in the region.
For example, if the interest rate for a small producer is DTF + 2 ea, for every million pesos in the program "A Toda Mquina" it will pay approximately $ 60,000 pesos a year for interest, these benefits are possible thanks to the contribution budget assigned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and approved by the board of FINAGRO and is established in the line of credit with the best conditions in terms and rate in the history of FINAGRO.
Currently Tolima, Casanare, Meta, Crdoba, Huila and Cesar are the departments that most request funding for new machinery, according to recent statistics from FINAGRO.
The Ministry of Agriculture, through FINAGRO, carried out an innovation process in the credit lines, which had an important agreement with the production guilds, financial intermediaries and machinery houses.