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FINDFixed Interpol Network Database
FINDFoundation for Innovative New Diagnostics
FINDFlorida Inland Navigation District
FINDFuture Internet Network Design (NSF NETS research program)
FINDFamilies of Victims of Involuntary Disappearance (Philippines)
FINDFoundation for International Dignity (human rights)
FINDFlorida Interfaith Networking in Disaster
FINDFilipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue
FINDFederal Information & News Dispatch, Inc.
FINDFigure out the problem, Intensify possible solutions, Name pros and cons for each solution and Decide which solution is best and act on it (handling emergencies)
FINDFAA Internet National Directory
FINDFault Isolation by Nodal Dependency
FINDFramework for the Investigation of Navigation and Disorientation
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For a mile or thereabouts my raft went very well, only that I found it drive a little distant from the place where I had landed before; by which I perceived that there was some indraft of the water, and consequently I hoped to find some creek or river there, which I might make use of as a port to get to land with my cargo.
Now you get hold of all the door-keys you can find, and I'll nip all of auntie's, and the first dark night we'll go there and try 'em.
The Knight of the Rueful Countenance was still very anxious to find out who the owner of the valise could be, conjecturing from the sonnet and letter, from the money in gold, and from the fineness of the shirts, that he must be some lover of distinction whom the scorn and cruelty of his lady had driven to some desperate course; but as in that uninhabited and rugged spot there was no one to be seen of whom he could inquire, he saw nothing else for it but to push on, taking whatever road Rocinante chose- which was where he could make his way- firmly persuaded that among these wilds he could not fail to meet some rare adventure.
They had never impressed me as being very strong, and I hoped to find my bar of iron not altogether inadequate for the work.
"You'll find plenty to eat there," declared the kangaroo, hopping along in big bounds because the Sawhorse was going so fast; "and they have a fine cook, too, if you can manage to put him together.
The author returns to the Indies, and finds the patriarch of Aethiopia.
All that day we rested there by the water, thanking our stars that we had been lucky enough to find it, bad as it was, and not forgetting to render a due share of gratitude to the shade of the long-departed da Silvestra, who had set its position down so accurately on the tail of his shirt.
The most perplexing question was where to find a teacher.
He travelled about a long time in search of it and came at last to a dark forest, through which he went on walking for fourteen days and still could not find a way out.
I shall take you home where my wife will look after you and care for you until we can find Korak or Korak finds us.
He who obtains sovereignty by the assistance of the nobles maintains himself with more difficulty than he who comes to it by the aid of the people, because the former finds himself with many around him who consider themselves his equals, and because of this he can neither rule nor manage them to his liking.
I moved on and on, but I could not find the sock; I could not seem to find anything but furniture.