FINESSFichier National des Établissements Sanitaires et Sociaux (French)
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Soft Health recently commenced commercialisation of Finess, a novel device for female stress urinary incontinence, cleared by the FDA for over-the-counter sale.
In addition to our North American grades, the wide-range of specialty packaging grades now available from our Alfeld mill in Germany, such as Algro Finess, Parade Prima and Fusion, position Sappi to meet the evolving expectations of the North American packaging market."
Working Paper / FINESS 1.1d, DIW Berlin, German Institute for Economic Research, 2009.
Sponsors include The Drybar, Rebel Coast Winery, The Green Yogi, Ocean Finess, Jenzskin, and Holly Del Rosso Fitness.
Tabla 1 Casos segun consecuencia de la imitacion Lider Seguidor Categoria Fortalecimiento de la oferta Actimel Yox Yogur funcional Cola (referente a la Big Cola Gaseosa categoria) Acid-Ness Acid-Mantle Crema para la piel Vick VapoRub AlibRub Unguentotopico Cristal Agua pura Agua embotellada Proteccion a la marca Sultana Santana Galleta Nopion Chenpion Champu antipiojos Kokorikosaurios Nuggetsaurios Alimento base pollo Oma Coloma Cafe Bocatto Rokotto Helado Competencia desleal Bon Bon Bum Bin Bum Chupeta Ponky Pompy Ponque Trolli Trully Caramelo de goma Full Throttle Full Cola Refresco energetico Finess Men's Fitness Yogur/ropa masculina Fuente: elaboracion propia.
It will have two assaying laboratories which will be equipped with the most advanced machineries to implement the world-accepted procedure of the Fire Assay for the assaying of gold and silver as well as the utilization of the ICP machine for assaying gold of 999.9 finess.
15, 1930, in Steel, N.D., to Finess and Edith Safford Powell.
FINESS Working paper D.5.4,, accessed 5 April 2012.
For more information about Entellus Medical, FinESS Sinus Treatment, and the XprESS MultiSinus Dilation Tool, visit www.EntellusMedical.
Prevalence of asthma in Estonia- A re- port from the "FinEsS" study.
Because of this Egyptian Cotton varieties Showed better results in respect of span length, fibre uniformity index and fibre finess as stated by Khan( 1994).