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FINEXFinancial Executives Institute of the Philippines
FINEXFinancial Exchange
FINEXFinish Exercise
FINEXForensic International Network for Explosives Investigation
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In 2007 and 2014, POSCO started operating its second and third FINEX process plants in Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province, which are capable of producing 1.
Earlier, in 2005 MHI received an order from POSCO for a 146 MW FINEX gas-fired GTCC plant for the Pohang Works; this was followed by an order in 2008 for two blast-furnace-gas (BFG) fired GTCC plants for the company's Gwangyang Works.
FINEX North America consists of more than 100 professionals in 13 offices across the platform.
POSCO has pushed for the exports of its own technological know-how, such as FINEX technology, in its efforts to find a new income source amid falling profits.
He is the Chairman of the Information and Communications Technology Committee of FINEX.
The plant would use waste gas generated by the FINEX process, as is already happening at the POSCO operation in Pohang.
For registration and inquiries, you may call the FINEX Secretariat at 811-4187, 811-4188, 811-4052 or email admin@finex.
Stahel is also on the Boards of FINEX Europe, a division of the New York Cotton Exchange, the Liverpool Cotton Research Corporation, Willy Bogner GmbH (Munich), Maag Holding Zurich and others.
For these ING FINEX CFO of the Year awardees, these practices go beyond being a mere corporate box-ticking exercise, but a playbook on survival and sustainability in business.
Early bird fees are available and for more information please contact our FINEX Secretariat at 8114188, 8114052 , 8114186 and look for Myla Ninofranco.
FINEX President Jimmy Ysmael said, "We fully support this initiative.
Through its two exchanges and other subsidiaries, including the New York Futures Exchange (NYFE), FINEX and Citrus Associates, NYBOT offers a range of agricultural, financial and index products.