FINSAForeign Investment and National Security Act of 2007 (also seen as Foreign Investment Act)
FINSAFraccionadora Industrial del Norte, SA (México)
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In reaction to the politicization of foreign acquisition cases early in the 21st century, along with seeming denial of regulatory primacy for CFIUS, CFIUS regulations were rewritten in 2007 and received final approval in 2009 under the Foreign Investment and National Security Act (FINSA).
due process claim despite the no-judicial-review language in FINSA. (22)
(104) The controversy over this approval, which made it appear as if CFIUS was too soft on national security, spurred Congress to pass the FINS A legislation, thus "broadening the interpretation of national security." (105) Under FINSA, CFIUS would have blocked the Dubai Ports-P&O transaction as it threatened national security by ceding control of "critical infrastructure" (106) to a foreign entity that was controlled by a foreign government.
(167) In the United States since 2011, there have been three cases in which CFIUS intervened to frustrate connections between East and West; The president's use of authority granted to him under FINSA to block the Chinese acquisition of a U.S.
(156) It was in response to deals like these that Congress passed the Foreign Investment & National Security Act (FINSA) in 2007, making it more difficult for foreign deals to obtain CFIUS approval.
Finsa UK is part of the Spanish Finsa group, which has factories in countries including Spain, Portugal, the USA and South Africa.
Madley had set up a company called FinSA Management Group, an investment advice firm, with another English partner, Justin Box.
En el caso de Estados Unidos, en particular, el tema ha revestido especial importancia y se ha concretado en diversas leyes, la mas reciente fue la ley de inversiones extranjeras y seguridad nacional--Foreign Investment and National Security Act de 2007 (FINSA)--.
La industria del tablero esta integrada por 9 instalaciones pertenecientes a: FINSA (5), Grupo Tojeiro (2), Tablicia y Tafisa.