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But even without making a finsta, cyberbullies can still do a lot of damage-from posting malicious or humiliating photos, insult tagging, hashtag bullying, posting screenshots, or even as simple as posting a hurtful comment.
Natalia Martinez, 18, of Weston, Florida, had her name erased from the school's athletic registry after the slur reportedly appeared on her personal Finsta account, a private social media site similar to Instagram.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-4 November 2003-Locum AB divests remaining parts of college property in Finsta, Sweden(C)1994-2003 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
For some children, a finsta ("fake" Instagram) or a rinsta ("real" Instagram) might be where they feel they can share their raw, authentic feelings, even though they don't always realise that anything shared online has the potential for a greater audience, amplified consequences or longer shelf life.