FINZFundraising Institute of New Zealand
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With a moulded 1/4" male connection to fit either NPT or BSP threads, the FINZ complies with US OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations for noise and deadhead pressure should the nozzle accidentally be placed on a flat surface during operation.
The introduction of FINU and FINZ expand ProShares' lineup of geared financial ETFs to five.
Which is why one of the key objectives of FINZ is to provide effective industry specific up-skilling and networking opportunities for apparel businesses.
Recent growth in the industry coupled with a shortage of skilled staff means that demand for production capacity now almost outweighs the supply, says Mapihi Opai of FINZ.
Kingan-Jones, a Board member of FINZ, agrees the shortage of skilled staff is an issue but, she says, it's one the industry body is working on to minimise the impact.
Sharks players and FINZ read to local school children to emphasize the importance of reading.
Additionally, Sharks players, staff, FINZ and the Street Brigade made more than 300 community appearances at schools, hospitals, hockey rinks and special events throughout Central Massachusetts and the greater Worcester area.