FIOHFinnish Institute of Occupational Health (Finland)
FIOHFuture in Our Hands (Norwegian social change group)
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The mean of the WAI for female workers is about 35.02, which is considered moderate (28-36) according to the scale of the FIOH. The study of Eyvazlou et al.
Co-founder of FIOH council, Taha Jabir Alalwani authored an interim extension of classical Sharia for Muslim minorities in the West, encouraging them to temporarily accept non-Muslim rule, while heavily populating the West and spreading Islam and by deluding non-Muslims about Islamic norms.
Odour threshold is an important factor to consider in risk assessment model since the olfactory symptoms or hypersensitivity towards chemicals odours may be distracting and interfere with job performance and safety or induce cacosmia (i.e., feeling ill from the odour of xenobiotic chemicals) (FIOH, 2008).
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH), Indoor Air & Environment Program of the FIOH, Uusimaa Regional Institute, Arinatie 3A, 00370 Helsinki, Finland.
Hit waes gio giond ealle Romana mearce thaet heretogan 7 domeras, 7 tha madhmhirdas the thaet fioh hioldon the mon tham ferdmonnum on geare sellan sceolde, 7 tha wisestan witan, haefdon maestne weordhscipe; nu thonne odher twega, odhdhe thara nan nis, odhdhe hi naenne weorthscipe nabbadh, gif hiora aenig is.(50)