FIPCFestival International de la Photographie Culinaire (French: International Festival of Culinary Photography)
FIPCForeign Investment Promotion Center (Russia)
FIPCForeign Investment Promotion Council (India)
FIPCFederal Investigations Processing Center (security clearances, Office of Personnel Management)
FIPCFrench Intellectual Property Code
FIPCFédération Internationale des Pharmaciens Catholiques (French: International Federation of Catholic Pharmacists)
FIPCForest Independent Primary Collegiate (UK)
FIPCFédération Interamicale des Pronostiqueurs Cyclistes (French cycling federation)
FIPCFinancial Information Processing Center
FIPCFoederatio Internationalis Pueri Cantores (International Federation of Pueri Cantores)
FIPCForeign Intelligence Priorities Committee
FIPCFuel Injection Pump Controller
FIPCFellow of the Institute of Production Control (UK)
FIPCFast Interprocess Communication (Cisco)
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We considered that in order to ensure the smooth transition to CATs data, FIPC without imputation may be a better-suited and efficient alternative for detecting DIF on pretest items than concurrent calibration.
This study analyze the performance of the IRT-LRT in detecting DIF on pretest items seeded in CATs, using FIPC to compare two ways of handling the missing data problem, with imputation (as in Lei et al., 2006) and without imputation.
Problems partially arise due to the requirement of recalibrating operational items and thus can be avoided by the use of fixed parameter calibration (FIPC) methods.
In an FIPC method, only the pretest item parameters have to be estimated.
(2001, 2002) and Kim (2006) suggested several variants in the application of the FIPC methods.
While various methods of charge stratification were considered, the FIPC combustion system was found to be the most practical solution.
Existing prechamber design methods were found to work well in developing the FIPC engine.
The prototype FIPC engine demonstrated that part load and full load fuel economy improvements could be achieved on medium-duty natural gas engines.
While not measured, the particulate emissions from the FIPC engine should be less than current engines due to the reduction in throttled operation, so less lubricating oil will be consumed and the resulting particulate emissions should be lower.
FIPC Acquisition is a Delaware-based limited liability company owned by investment firm Hampshire Equity Partners III LP.Country: , USASector: Machinery/EngineeringTarget: Fairchild Industrial Products CompanyBuyer: Rotork PlcVendor: FIPC Acquisition LLCDeal size in USD: 75.8mType: Corporate acquisitionFinancing: Cash, Existing resourcesStatus: Closed