FIPIFederation of Image Professionals International (UK)
FIPIFonds d'Impulsion à la Politique des Immigrés (French: Immigration Policy Impulse Fund; Belgium)
FIPIForest Inventory and Planning Institute
FIPIFlow-Induced Phase-Inversion
FIPIFinancial Institutions Professional Indemnity
FIPIFinding in the Public Interest
FIPIFamily Investment Planning Inc. (Canada)
FIPIFellow of the Institute of Professional Investigators (UK)
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The FIPI outflow is not specific to Pakistan, but is seen in many other countries because of a nearly 45 per cent drop in world oil prices since July.
New Delhi [India], Sept 01 ( ANI ): Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC), has been conferred with two awards under prestigious categories of 'Exploration and Production - Company of the year' and 'Environmental Sustainability - Company of the year' by Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry (FIPI).
However, this enthusiasm was mainly from local individual and institutional investors who were anticipating return of FIPI after each devaluation episode.
FIPI outflow was recorded at USD7.4mn as against an inflow of USD38.8mn witnessed during the last week.
National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited recorded $1.64 million of foreign investors portfolio investment (FIPI) from August 1 to 10, KSE reports.
Of total Foreign Investors Portfolio Investments (FIPI), the Foreign Corporate had invested the amount of US$1.25 million in the market which was higher than other foreign portfolio investments.
Net FIPI clocked in at $0.5 million, compared to net outflow of $0.6 million of last week.
Net selling from FIPI has accumulated to US$69million during FY19 YTD and $204million during 2018 YTD.
'Foreign buying (FIPI) is gaining traction post Pak Rupee devaluation', say analysts at Topline Securities.
Valuations have opened up significantly which has attracted foreign investors in the market again and consequently weekly FIPI inflow was recorded at USD38.8mn as against an outflow of USD9.8mn witnessed during the last week.