FIPRFoundation for Information Policy Research
FIPRFlorida Institute of Phosphate Research
FIPRFellow of the Institute of Public Relations
FIPRFault Isolation Process Routine
FIPRFlash, Immediate, Priority, Routine (US military message precedence)
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Although WIC participation and Medicaid enrollment overlapped, 18.9% of the children were "WIC only" and 10.8% were "Medicaid only." Approximately one-tenth (10.1%) of the children were not in WIC or Medicaid yet were determined to be eligible for WIC participation according to their FIPR. WIC participation and Medicaid enrollment by age are shown in Figure S1.
Foram utilizados 528 pintos de corte, machos, da linhagem Cobb 500, alojados em 24 boxes de 2[m.sup.2], durante o periodo de 1 a 43 dias de idade, distribuido em um delineamento inteiramente casualizado com seis tratamentos, quatro repeticoes e 22 aves por unidade experimental, sendo os grupos T1: Controle Negativo (CN)--Dieta Basal sem farelo integral de pimenta rosa (FIPR) e sem antibioticos; T2: Controle Positivo (CP)--Dieta Basal com 1,2% (12g [kg.sup.-1]) de FIPR; T3: CP + 11mg [kg.sup.-1] de bacitracina e 17mg [kg.sup.-1] de salinomicina; T4: CP + 22mg [kg.sup.-1] de bacitracina e 34mg [kg.sup.-1] de salinomicina; T5: CP + 33mg [kg.sup.-1] de bacitracina e 51mg [kg.sup.-1] de salinomicina; T6: CP + 45mg [kg.sup.-1] de bacitracina e 67mg [kg.sup.-1] de salinomicina.
Os valores de fenois totais, de taninos totais e de taninos condensados do FIPR foram de 2,86 em equivalente grama de acido tanico por 100g de materia seca (MS), de 2,49 em equivalente grama de acido tanico por 100g de MS e de 0,18 em equivalente grama de leucocianidina por 100g de MS, respectivamente.
Neste experimento, observou-se que no periodo pre-inicial (1-7 dias de idade) a ausencia de antibiotico e de FIPR resultou em maior ganho de peso e maximizacao da conversao alimentar sem interferir no consumo de racao das aves (Tabela 1), quando comparado com os tratamentos que tiveram tais aditivos em sua composicao (P [less than or equal to] 0,05).
A medida que os animais se desenvolveram, a adicao do FIPR na dieta deixou de ser um fator limitante no crescimento animal, pois, com o aumento da idade da ave, ocorre maxima atividade das enzimas digestivas (NITSAN et al., 1991).
No periodo de 1-43 dias de idade, observou-se que a adicao do FIPR com ou sem antibiotico reduziu o consumo de racao (P [less than or equal to] 0,05), sem influenciar (P > 0,05) no ganho de peso corporal, comparado com o CN, que apresentou a pior conversao alimentar neste periodo (P [less than or equal to] 0,05).
The tactical operations team received a FIPR message alerting them that the convoy took brief rocket-propelled grenade and small-arms fire in a frequently high-engagement area.
(8) Develop a "flash" and "priority" message banner on the main GUI of the FBCB2 rather than a numerical designation on the FIPR ID panel.
An investigation by the FIPR into e-banking in the UK has found that online accounts provide consumers with less protection against misuse of their credit or cash cards than those who bank offline.
The FIPR has reportedly warned consumers that they could be left to prove that they have not acted fraudulently and be liable for the bills run up in their name.
The FIPR says that the clauses that make it a jailable offence to withhold encryption keys demanded by law enforcement agencies could breach the European Convention on Human Rights.
IBM Corp was quick to slip in a plug, saying the bill represents "an excellent opportunity for the UK to seize a leadership position in the development of e-business." Caspar Bowden, director of the FIPR, disagrees, arguing that "threatening a mountain of red tape will cause e-business to move to places with a more supportive climate, such as Ireland or Canada."