FIPTFellowship Intellectual Property Trust (Narcotics Anonymous)
FIPTFemale Iron Pipe Thread
FIPTFederazione Italiana Palla Tamburello (Italian sports federation)
FIPTFunctional Integrated Process Team
FIPTFundação Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnológicas (Brasil)
FIPTFinancial Integrated Product Team
FIPTFunding Integration Process Team
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One of the primary challenges for this particular FIPT is to develop a process to identify personnel with acquisition-related responsibilities, especially to those outside the normal acquisition chain, to ensure they are trained properly to execute the duties required to adequately support effective services acquisitions.
To address these requirements for the entire DoD workforce engaged in services acquisition, the FIPT is chartered to:
The Services Acquisition FIPT has identified some of the technical expertise and experience that will play a critical role in developing the requirements and documents for future services acquisitions.
Validated by Service and Agency Life Cycle Logistics FIPT representatives, and approved by the OSD career field Functional Leader, DAU offers the DoD Life Cycle Logistician rigorous DAWIA certification training, with particular emphasis on acquisition, acquisition logistics, sustainment, and PBL-related competencies.
Key next steps include identifying consistent criteria and a standard process for assessing a logistician's competency levels and overall professional development; publication of career path roadmaps...." (Blodgett, Conrad, & Kobren, 2008) Acting in concert with the life cycle logistics FIPT, DAU is in the process of performing a gap analysis between existing learning assets and the new competency set, cross-walking individual proficiencies contained in the DoD Logistics Human Capital Strategy with individual Terminal Learning Objectives (TLO) taught in DAU courseware.
Subsequently, in the spring of 2008, the science and technology manager FIPT convened a special workshop with subject matter representatives from DDR&E, military services' science and technology offices, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
In addition to the changes to the curriculum, the SE FIPT is also reviewing the requirements for certification in the SPRDE-SE career path.
The SE FIPT has also examined the SE training objectives and content in other career fields and curricula.