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FIQFrequently Ignored Question
FIQFinal Delivered Image Quality
FIQFibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire
FIQFédération Interprofessionnelle de La Santé du Québec (French: Interprofessional Federation of the Health of Québec; Canada)
FIQFast Interrupt Request
FIQFédération Internationale des Quilleurs
FIQFonds d'Intervention de Quartier (French: District Intervention Fund)
FIQFinancial Information Questionnaire
FIQFederation d'Informatique Du Quebec
FIQFellow of the Institute of Quarrying
FIQFinancial Intelligence Quotient
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Results on the C-WISC were all significantly different between any two groups (A < B < C) (FIQ, 98.66 [+ or -] 13.87 vs.
We analyzed the differences in perceived pain, as measured by FIQ and SF36 questionnaires and tenderness (algometer score and tender points count) across the three categories of HADS-anxiety and HADS-depression status proposed by Snaith & Zigmond (1994).
All participants underwent a pre- and postintervention assessment that included pain measurements, physical function tests (e.g., 6-minute walk test, chair sit and reach, back scratch, handgrip strength), body fat composition, and several psychological assessments including the Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire (FIQ), Vanderbilt Pain Management Inventory, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, General Self-Efficacy Scale, and Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale.
Pain variables, including FIQ, and education did not correlate with postural control.
Results: The patients with FMS had lower VAS and FIQ scores at the end of the exercise period.
All other analyses, based on VAS, FIQ, STAI, W-DEQ, and BDI, were evaluated by another examiner who was blinded to the patients and controls.
At 12 months there was a further reduction in mean CDLQI to 5 and in mean FIQ to 2.5.
Women on duloxetine scored significantly better compared with those taking placebo on both on the Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire (FIQ) total score and on the FIQ pain score.
Arnold noted that in a related and similarly designed study involving 60 patients, she and her colleagues found that fluoxetine was significantly better than placebo in improving total FIQ scores and several other pain measures.
Quality of life in FM patients was determined by Turkish version of Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire (FIQ).