FIRBForeign Investment Review Board (Australia)
FIRBFondo per Gli Investimenti Della Ricerca di Base (Italian: Basic Research Investment Fund)
FIRBFiring Boss (firefighting)
FIRBFaculdades Integradas Rui Barbosa (Portuguese; Brazilian school)
FIRBFaculdades Integradas Rio Branco (Portuguese: Integrated College Rio Branco; Rio Branco, Brazil)
FIRBFar Infrared Background
FIRBFlight Information Region Boundary
FIRBFurrow Irrigated Raised Bed (crop planting technique)
FIRBForced Internal Recirculation Burner (Gas Technology Institute)
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I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Michael DAscenzo AO for his contribution to the FIRB for the past five years.
Bow understands that time for FIRB to review Arrow's application has been extended because of the need for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to complete its market inquiries relating to the Scheme.
The FIRB could take a dim view as SGX is 23% owned by the Financial Sector Development Fund, which is controlled by Singapore's central bank.
At an FCIB-sponsored conference held in Nice, France in February this year, Parsons described the differences between the two IRB approaches, noting that in the case of an FIRB approach, the bank assesses the customer's probability of default and denotes a supervisory specification of the amount lost in the instance of a default, offering a limited amount of flexibility with credit risk management (CRM).
FIRB may not approve the deal if they are deemed associates.
He said the Government planned to do neither, but commented: "We'll abolish the FIRB today if they can liberalise their agriculture market.
Based on a DOF document, the FIRB will be chaired by the finance secretary, while the heads of the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) as well as the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) will serve as members.
The New South Wales government made clear to bidders they wanted unconditional offers, therefore each consortium was required to see FIRB and other relevant regulatory approval prior to submission on Monday.
Etihad will have to seek approval from the FIRB if it is to increase its stake further.
As announced by Flinders in November 2011, FIRB approval was a condition of the proposed acquisition agreement.