FIRDOSFund for Integrated Rural Development of Syria
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Wahab advised Firdos Shamim Naqvi refrain to become spokesperson of any institution.
He said that Firdos Shamim Naqvi is well aware of how many different groups are in his party.
PTI Sindh president Dr Firdos Shamim Naqvi on his twitter account also mentioned that he had seen the video footage and "once all the facts are known we will let everyone know of the future course of action."
Blended throughout the opaque and melancholy images of roads leading to Baghdad's Firdos Square are sharp splashes of green or blue, emblems of forward direction.
Byline: Wasif Zia, Khurram Siraj, Hafsa Faiz, Atika Firdos and Muhammad Shahid Rafique
The Trust incubated since 2001 several development projects such as FIRDOS, SHABAB, Massar, Rawafed and the Syrian Development Research Centre.
Also south of the capital, in the town of Hafriyah, another car bomb left four dead and 15 wounded, while a car bomb near Baghdad's Firdos Square, the site famous for Iraqis pulling down a statue of Saddam Hussein shortly after the 2003 US-led invasion, killed one person and wounded six others.
The explosion was in Firdos Square, famed for scenes of the toppling of the huge statue of Saddam Hussein shortly after the 2003 US-led invasion.
A damaged vehicle is towed away following a car bomb near Firdos Square in Baghdad on November 14 (AFP, Sabah Arar)
Omum and turmeric were the samples contaminated (6.54 ug / kg) above the maximum level collected from firdos market.
The fire in the three-storey Al Firdos Hotel located opposite Hyatt Regency Hotel was first reported at 11.45am.
But chief among them will be Abbas Gharib's monument, to be erected at Firdos Square in the center of the city, where for decades a giant bronze statue of of Saddam Hussein stood until it was pulled down with the help of US marines on April 9 2003, in a scene witnessed around the world via television.