FIRE1FAS (Fatty Acid Synthase) Insulin-Responsive Element 1
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Figure 4 represents the superimposition of the real fire and simulated fire at 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, and 9 hours after ignition for case FIRE1. Real fire contour after 9 hours from ignition is displayed as grey, and simulated contour fire is represented as black colour.
In case of FIRE1 (Murcia), there is more over-prediction than in Valencia fires, due to high wind speeds and because the time period is four times longer.
FUEL MODEL CLC LANDUSES 1-Short grass 18,22,26,32,36,12,19,20 2-Timber grass and understory 21,24,29,33,35 4-Chaparral 25,27,15 6-Dormant brush 22 8-Compact timber litter 23 Table 2: Statistical analysis results for the three Spanish fires FIRE1 FIRE2 FIRE3 (Murcia) (Gabiel) (Culla) OK 78.75% 89.94% 87.63% Overestimation 13.93% 3.68% 8.84% Underestimation 7.32% 12.39% 3.53% FINAL SCORE 0.5018 0.5548 0.7173 Figure 1: Fire emission distribution based on Andreae and Merlet, 2001.
9 January 2014 - Irish healthcare products maker Covidien plc (NYSE:COV) on Thursday said that, together with venture capital specialists Lightstone Ventures and New Enterprise Associates (NEA), it would provide a series A financing of an undisclosed value to local novel therapeutic devices developer FIRE1.
The investment in FIRE1, which was launched by medical device company incubator The Foundry LLC, will allow for developing and commercialising solutions for unmet medical needs, Covidien said.
1.2 Fire alarm system - technical service1.3 The surveillance system television - technical service1.4 The network clocks1.5 sound system and alarm information - technical service1.6 The detection of carbon monoxide in the garage1.7 The burglary and robbery - technical service1.8 Access control system - technical service1.9 The use of the parking - it concerns the parking official and external1.10 The detection of explosive gases (LPG)1.11 Audiovisual systems courtrooms1.12 Intercom System fire1.13 Central Dispatch for surveillance systems, control, signaling and other2.