FIRLFederazione Italiana Rugby League (Padova,Italia)
FIRLFinance, Insurance, Real Estate and Legal
FIRLFiber-Optic Inter-Repeater Link
FIRLFleet Issue Requirements List
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Coordinated by a research engineer from the Franklin Institute Research Laboratories' (FIRL) Magnetics and Semiconductors Laboratory, the program promised a new approach to science education for high school students, offering "concentrated study" in specific fields, taught by "trained scientific and technical personnel" (1).
Firl, Monika 1996 El Pequeno Productor del Cafd y el Comercio Justo.
Talks are now being proposed to bring the ruling body in the Italian game - the Federazione Italiana Rugby League (FIRL) - and the breakaway LIRFL back together after 10 clubs opted to play in a new 'rebel' competition.
Tenders are invited for provn of bicycles for school going firls of bpl families
was incepted in 1992 in the firled of real estate, agriculture and industry, and became a limited liability company in 1996 as Abdul Rahman Sd Al-Rashid & Sons Co.
Dating violence against adolescent firls and associated substance use, unhealthy weight control, sexual risk behavior, pregnancy and suicidality.
Accelerite offers infrastructure software in the firls of Cloud Management (Convirt/rCloud/Rovius), Endpoint and Enterprise Mobility Management (Radia) and an API based Service Creation and Monetization platform for the areas of telecommunications and Internet of Things (Aepona, acquired from Intel).
Tenders are invited for Construction Of 100 Seated Firls Hostal Building I/C Water Supply Sanitory Fitting And Electrification Work At Teonthar District Rewa Mp Fourth Call