FIRMDFlood Insurance Rate Map Determination (insurance application)
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Systematized (Multinational) fields and Systematized R&D strategy, large retailer- innovation formal and dominated informal contacts with retailer and with providers FIRMC Territory- Mainly marketing Artisan (Delicatessen) orientated and product knowledge, innovations contacts with clients and attendance to fairs FIRMD Mainly Ecological norms, (Ecological) Ecological- organizational and formal contacts orientated commercialization with clients innovations (ecological line) and attendance to fairs Reasons to innovate FIRM Only process A (Traditional) optimization and regulations fulfillment FIRM B Diverse, to (Multinational) attend retailers demand.
Hari Krishna Exports, one of the many firmd in Surat that together account for 80 per cent of the diamonds cut and polished in the country, has given employees jewellery, cars and flats as performance incentives.