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FIRMSFishery Resources Monitoring System (resource)
FIRMSFacilities Information and Resources Management System (US Customs)
FIRMSFields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences (Canada)
FIRMSFast Inversion Recovery for Myelin Suppression (magnetic resonance pulse sequence)
FIRMSFinancial Information Resource Management System (Oregon and Utah)
FIRMSFloating Integrated Rail Mount System
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Stated briefly, the business of the firm was of the widely miscellaneous sort.
It may not be amiss to remind the incredulous reader that a famous firm in the City accepted precisely the same security as that here accepted by Bulpit Brothers, with the same sublime indifference to troubling themselves by making any inquiry about it.
They consisted mainly of an exchange of letters between Count Olenski's solicitors and a French legal firm to whom the Countess had applied for the settlement of her financial situation.
I shall have to give the professor a polite but firm refusal.
And if it should ever suit your views to buy it for the firm, I should have a better chance of fulfilling my father's wish.
You and I were in here, discussing certain legal minutiae in the interests of the firm, when it suddenly fell.
One morning when I went into the parlour with my books, I found my mother looking anxious, Miss Murdstone looking firm, and Mr.
Fourteen years had changed the worthy merchant, who, in his thirty-sixth year at the opening of this history, was now in his fiftieth; his hair had turned white, time and sorrow had ploughed deep furrows on his brow, and his look, once so firm and penetrating, was now irresolute and wandering, as if he feared being forced to fix his attention on some particular thought or person.
His firm lips met like the lips of a vice; the Delta of his forehead's veins swelled like overladen brooks; in his very sleep, his ringing cry ran through the vaulted hull, Stern all
However, at last it came to an end, and we were hauled up, and swung over again to the land; we were very glad, and snorted and neighed for joy, when we once more felt firm ground under our feet.
Behind him, pale indeed, but marching with a firm step, was Charles Stuart, who advanced between two priests, followed by a few superior officers appointed to preside at the execution and attended by two files of partisans who took their places on opposite sides of the scaffold.
But the spirit of Mazarin was a strong one, or rather his mind was a firm one.