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FIRNFlorida Information Resource Network (Florida Educational Network)
FIRNFinancial Integrity Research Network (Australia)
FIRNForeign-Born Information & Referral Network (Columbia, Maryland)
FIRNForensic Institute Research Network (Glasgow, Scotland, UK)
FIRNFoundation to Improve Renal Nutrition (Antelope Valley; California)
FIRNFunctional Imaging Research Network (Canada)
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This study successfully revealed annual isotopic accumulation layers down to 411 m in a dry snow zone environment (no summer melt) and affirmed the existence and continuity of discrete, annual stratigraphic oxygen isotope layers below the depth at which firn transforms to metamorphic ice.
Since the earthquake struck last March 11, Bloomberg Television's team of over 12 reporters and producers have been dispatched around the country, with Tokyo-based TV reporter Mike Firn reporting from Chiba--home of Japan's oil refineries and oil port--as well as near Fukushima nuclear plant.
"Through ice coring and sampling the firn, we are able to detect the interactions between the ice sheet and the ocean/sea-ice system back in time.
As an example of how it works, Firn cites incoming Anson County seventh-graders, all of whom take a reading-progress assessment from Fast ForWord, a literacy program developed by Scientific Learning.
During the densification of polar firn, significant changes of the microstructure can be observed (cf.
Firn: compacted snow-ice with a volumetric density of 550g/cubic meter, usually after several seasons of compaction from successive layers of neve.
Por ultimo, existen grupos de pacientes que parecen no obtener ningun beneficio anadido por el hecho de recibir el TCA, como las personas con trastornos de personalidad, los usuarios procedentes del sistema de justicia criminal y aquellos con sintomas predominantemente negativos (Burns y Firn, 2002).
You know they have too many words for snow, sleet, slush, powder, firn, and neve."
About a quarter of that shrinkage, or 7 cm, may have resulted from snow packing down into denser material called firn, says Andrew Shepherd, a glaciologist at the University of Cambridge in England.
Try something along the lines of, "The bumper boats are really firn, and we can just come back if it's lame." So now you're in, and you have your out if they turn out to be lame.
The Florida Information Resource Network (FIRN) supports more than 30,000 K-12 educators.