FIROFundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation
FIROFonds d'Investissement de la Région de l'Oriental (French: Oriental Region Investment Fund; Morocco)
FIROFellow of the Institution of Railway Operators (Institution of Railway Operators; UK)
FIROForce Integration Readiness Officer
FIROFree Internet Rating Organization (forum)
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Il va sans dire qu'au fil des annees, le FIRO qui desormais evenement musical incontournable, se considere comme adresse et carrefour pour les voix chantant le Rai ainsi que les autres types musicaux comme chaabi.
The Ombudsman's Special Action Team of the Fact-Finding and Intelligence Research Office (FIRO) was ordered to conduct a probe.
Obesity and family systems: A family FIRO approach to assessment and treatment planning.
TIME TO RELAX Centro glassware is ideal for a range of drinks FIRST GLASS The Centro carafe is a versatile piece of glassware which can be used for water, fruit juice or wine in sunny lemon, slate or mocha which will look elegant on your summer table SALAD DAYS The Firo salad bowl will complement any dining range and is ideal for al fresco catering INFORMAL LOOK The Ercol Pinto dining range Pinto is a casual dining and kitchen furniture collection with understated detailing in three soft contemporary painted finishes of pebble, coffee or sage
The Firo salad bowl from Barker and Stonehouse is a gorgeous hand blown glass bowl, deep enough for a large table salad, the glass is recycled, and the oak wooden servers which accompany it are made from sustainable sources, giving your salad truly 'green' credentials.
To explain this phenomenon we used Schutz's (1966) fundamental interpersonal relations (FIRO) theory, according to which inclusion, control, and affection are the three basic needs in interpersonal communication.
According to Schutz (1958), the model of Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation (FIRO) explains interpersonal behavior in terms of individual orientation toward others regarding three interpersonal needs: inclusion, control, and affection (Minahan & Hutton, 2004).
Priority setting in family change and clinical practice: The Family FIRO Model.
Using the name "John Firo," the FBI agent exchanged e-mails with Shimoda-Atlantic officials using the names "Paul McLouth" and "Lynn Owen." McLouth's actual identity isn't clear--"'McLouth' is a suspected alias of one of the defendants," Patkus wrote in the affidavit--but Owen is allegedly an alias for Mel Robinson.
Na vida, inevitavelmente, feri -- e ainda firo -- muitas pessoas, mas o cuidado com essa era maior.