FIRPFellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (UK)
FIRPFederal Internetworking Requirements Panel
FIRPFacilities and Infrastructure Recapitalization Program
FIRPFederal Internet Requirements Panel
FIRPFormulacion, Interfases, Reologia Y Procesos
FIRPFederal Individual Recovery Plan
FIRPFiche Informatisé de Résolutions de Problèmes (French)
FIRPFunny - I'm Really Puzzled (polite form)
FIRPFacilities Improvement and Relocation Panel
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FIRP provides its clients with a vast range of insurance offerings from property and casualty to life and health for businesses and individuals.
FIRP provides clients with insurance offerings ranging from property and casualty to life and health for businesses and individuals.
Despite Malaysia has attracted a large amount of FIRP in general, however, FIRP is not equally distributed among Malaysian states.
de Ciencia de Alimentos, Laboratorio Formulacion, Interfaces, Reologia y Procesos (FIRP), Escuela de Ingenieria Quimica, Universidad de Los Andes.
The House Appropriations Committee recommended reducing the latter sum by $145.0 million, and "directs the NNSA to reassess its out-year planning for FIRP projects to ensure coordination between FIRP funds and the reduced facility requirements consistent with the consolidation of the complex under the long-term Responsive Infrastructure planning."
[4] Nonstandard abbreviations: MBP, eosinophil major basic protein; ProMBP, proform of MBP; PAPP-A, pregnancy-specific plasma protein A; Ang, angiotensinogen; FiRP, horseradish peroxidase; GFC, gel filtration chromatography; and AEC, anion-exchange chromatography.
the government should now just scrap the Bill and return to the drawing board." Caspar Bowden, the director of the Foundation for Information Policy Research (FIRP) which has followed the progress of the bill closely and objected to it strongly, welcomed the report as "a relentless castigation of squandered opportunities, loss of political control, and unaccountable policy failures in the face of near unanimous public and industry condemnation." Bowden, echoing concern in industry that the government did not really understand the technologies it is attempting to legislate on, called for the creation of a high-level technically trained staff team to coordinate e-commerce policies across government departments.