FIRRFinancial Internal Rate of Return
FIRRFundacja Instytut Rozwoju Regionalnego (Polish: Foundation Institute of Regional Development; Krakow, Poland)
FIRRFondo Indennità Risoluzione Rapporto (Italian)
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Determining the FIRR is a key component in approving projects especially those financed through public-private partnership (PPP).
To this purpose, it is proposed that Cartesian geometry and a three-dimensional Euclidean space are used to graph fNPV and calculate fIRR. Thus, uncertainty can be represented by a three-dimensional plot in which the x axis represents the discount rate, the y axis the NPV, and the z axis the value of possibility [32].
The least one can hold about pledge described above is that it is (extremely) difficult to meet in real (economic and financial) terms; as for real economy firms work--and, eventually, develop/grow--in, it affects firms' decision-making process, mainly, through the upward bias on corporate projections; this evolution is, directly or indirectly, instrumented through quantification of IRR value--or, either EIRR (Economic IR) or FIRR (Financial IRR).
According to data from the Public Works Ministry, the Lampung-Palembang section has a FIRR of 17 percent and the Pekanbaru-Medan section has a FIRR of 16 percent.
The calculated financial internal rate of return (FIRR) value for the biogas plant base on the $300-$500 as cost of installation was found to be 28%.
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4c) requires a CERs price of at least 7 U$S/tonC[O.sub.2e] to reach a positive FIRR but at the current energy prices the projects are not economically feasible.
The Chief Factor at Cape Coast castle asked that a ship he was dispatching to Virginia be returned to the castle "with tobacco, Wheat, flow, rice, Beef, Pork, Pitch, Tarr, firr poles, Small Masts & Yards etc" (Dalby Thomas, Apr.
Here, Viola compares Fuerza Unida's relationship to the Federation for Industrial Retention and Renewal (FIRR) and SNEEJ: Yes, we went to a conference with FIRR....
Chairman Dr Joe Adamson is former managing director of Speke's Eli Lilly pharmaceutical plant; John Lewis runs JR Lewis management services in Speke; John Firr is former chief executive of Halewood's Partnership for Learning; and Dr Eric Thompson runs his own management company, Gest.