FIRRFinancial Internal Rate of Return
FIRRFundacja Instytut Rozwoju Regionalnego (Polish: Foundation Institute of Regional Development; Krakow, Poland)
FIRRFondo Indennità Risoluzione Rapporto (Italian)
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It's just that more definite information is needed to arrive at a conclusive FIRR.
EIRR and FIRR -, its defining characteristic being fact discount rate, in this case--applicable in process of reinvesting benefits yielded by the functional(completed) investment project--, is (equal to)weighted average cost of capital (WACC) (6).
From the comparison between the two different options of energy use, it can be seen from Figure 6 that thermal supply shows a better FIRR although does not improve significantly for small scale projects still increasing the value of MJ of gas four times the current value.
FIRR done at the time of appraisal, including any impacts of midstream changes;
Carry out economic and financial analysis of subprojects and provide a comparison with the EIRR and FIRR done at the time of appraisal, including any impacts of midstream changes;
Tenders are invited for Providing Consultancy services for preparation of detailed project report i/c GAD , Survey, structural Design, soil investigation, drawings, Cost benefit analysis including EIRR, FIRR, IEE and SRP report cost estimate and proof checking for construction of 2-Lane Elevated road over L/C No.
assessment of the economic cost and benefit and determining the FIRR and EIRR of the Project.
financial analysis of the project with FIRR and WACC computations with sensitivity analysis
FIRR (Financial Internal Rate of Return) : 8 Coaches Car - 3090
FIRR and WACC should be computed on an after- tax basis in real terms using constant prices.