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FIRSFederal Information Relay Service
FIRSFederation Internationale de Roller Skating
FIRSFederal Inland Revenue Services (Nigeria)
FIRSFar-Infrared Sauna
FIRSFingerprint Identification Records System (US FBI)
FIRSFar Infrared Survey
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We're proud of Sprint's efforts to serve the federal government not only by providing long distance service to federal agencies but also through a growing number of government contracts such as FIRS," said Chris Rooney, president of Sprint's government systems and data services division.
Among other things, the FIRS provides people who use text telephones -- also known as telecommunications devices for the deaf, or TT/TDDs -- communications capabilities comparable to those available to hearing individuals.
The FIRS serves an intermediary for conversations between hearing individuals, using standard telephone handsets and speech and/or hearing-impaired individuals using Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf (TDDs).