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FIRSTFor Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (youth organization founded by Dean Kamen)
FIRSTForum of Incident Response and Security Teams
FIRSTFraunhofer-Institut für Rechnerarchitektur Und Softwaretechnik (German: Institute for Computer Systems and Software Technology)
FIRSTFacts on International Relations and Security Trends
FIRSTFraunhofer Institute Computer Architecture and Software Technology
FIRSTFaint Images of the Radio Sky At Twenty-Centimeters
FIRSTFoundation for Ichthyosis and Related Skin Types
FIRSTField and Installation Readiness Support Team (US Army)
FIRSTFar Infrared Space Telescope
FIRSTFoundry Industry Recycling Starts Today
FIRSTFederal Incident Response Support Team
FIRSTForschungsinstitut für Rechnerarchitektur und Softwaretechnik (Germany)
FIRSTFair and Immediate Resources for Students Today
FIRSTF/A-18E/F Integrated Readiness Support Teaming (US Navy)
FIRSTFinancial Information Resource System (US Air Force)
FIRSTFédération Indépendante du Rail et des Syndicats des Transports (French: Federation of Independent Trade Union of Rail Transport)
FIRSTFirst Industrial Results of Semantic Technologies (Workshop)
FIRSTFlexographic Image Reproduction Specifications & Tolerances
FIRSTFully Integrated Road Safety Technology
FIRSTFrontiers in Research: Space and Time (Eth Zurich, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Clean-Room Center)
FIRSTFlorida Immediate Response Stress Team
FIRSTFuzzy Systems and Intelligent Technologies Research Society of Thailand (Thailand)
FIRSTFax Information Retrieval Support Technology
FIRSTFinancial Incentive Rewards for Supervisors and Teachers (Prince George's County, Maryland)
FIRSTFoster Intervention/Retention Support Team
FIRSTFarm Family Income Recovery Support Team
FIRSTFinancial Information Resources System
FIRSTFuture Interagency Range and Spaceport Technology Program (NASA)
FIRSTFabrication of Inflatable Reentry Structures for Test
FIRSTFlexible Infrared Search & Track
FIRSTFar-Infra-Red and Sub-Millimeter Telescope
FIRSTFlorida Institute for Research, Science & Technology
FIRSTFuture's Inventory Replenishment System Technology
FIRSTForum of Incident Reporting & Security Team
FIRSTFind, Inquire, Respect, Suggest, Thank (business motto)
FIRSTFostering Interest in Research, Science, and Technology (various locations)
FIRSTFleet Integrated Readiness Support Team
FIRSTFinancial Integrity Rating System in Texas
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The bill of fare is as follows: First, under a pica headline, to enforce attention and respect, is a four-line sermon urging mankind to remember that, although they are pilgrims here below, they are yet heirs of heaven; and that "When they depart from earth they soar to heaven." Perhaps a four-line sermon in a Saturday paper is the sufficient German equivalent of the eight or ten columns of sermons which the New-Yorkers get in their Monday morning papers.
"First Baloo is to be skinned, and now he is a cocoanut.
"And the Lord of the Jungle was Tha, the First of the Elephants.
At least, she listened to the first twenty- five lines attentively, and then she frowned.
Then she recalled the thin, terribly thin figure of Petrov, with his long neck, in his brown coat, his scant, curly hair, his questioning blue eyes that were so terrible to Kitty at first, and his painful attempts to seem hearty and lively in her presence.
I propose therefore that we enquire into the nature of justice and injustice, first as they appear in the State, and secondly in the individual, proceeding from the greater to the lesser and comparing them.
I have often been asked to define the term "Black Belt." So far as I can learn, the term was first used to designated a part of the country which was distinguished by the colour of the soil.
Instead of first collecting together all the particulars constituting a momentary thing, and then forming the series of successive sets, we might have first collected together a series of successive aspects related by the laws of dynamics, and then have formed the set of such series related by the laws of perspective.
People who talked for the first time into a telephone box had a sort of stage fright.
Nevertheless Milan was taken from France both the first and the second time.
But there is a government of another sort, in which men govern those who are their equals in rank, and freemen, which we call a political government, in which men learn to command by first submitting to obey, as a good general of horse, or a commander-in-chief, must acquire a knowledge of their duty by having been long under the command of another, and the like in every appointment in the army: for well is it said, no one knows how to command who has not himself been under command of another.
The Gardens are a tremendous big place, with millions and hundreds of trees, and first you come to the Figs, but you scorn to loiter there, for the Figs is the resort of superior little persons, who are forbidden to mix with the commonalty, and is so named, according to legend, because they dress in full fig.