FIRTFonds d'Investissement Routier et des Transports (French: Investment Fund and Road Transport)
FIRTFertilizer Industry Round Table
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Subsequently, FIRT made a corporate decision to divest their inventory of non-industrial properties.
LESLIE'S FIRTS J-O-B: "My grandmother worked in the registry of motor vehicles in Boston, and the summer that I became of legal working age, I spoke Spanish fluently and was a translator for foreign licenses when (needed).
These Spanish, Italian, Greek, French and Portuguese businesses lodged an appeal in 2005 (Court of Firts Instance), challenging the method adopted by the Commission in Brussels for calculating proposed production aid for processed tomatoes.
En las respectivas quejas que el PRI y el PRD formularon ante el IFE, se mencionan las denuncias, ante la justicia mexicana y estadunidense, presentadas por el Firts Nationalt Bank en contra de Juan Pablo por el delito de defraudacion fiscal y presunta relacion con delitos electorales.
On the firts page, for example, he suggests that in corresponds H.
was one of the firts customers to sign up for the service.
8 million in the firts quarter of 2015, compared to KD 37.
funeral service 12 Noon Saturday, March 17, 2012 Firts Congregational Church, 144 North Main St.
But sub White began the revival by going over with Briscoe bagging his second try before Winterstein battered his way through, O'Brien landing all three conversions to level at 36-36 before White's drop out them ahead fo the firts time.
Livingston had hoped Fernandez would inject some life into their goal shy attack, but it was the visitors who made the firts chance with Collin Samuel squandering a free header at the near post.
1930: Frozen peas went on sale for the firts time in America.
Firts the Queen asked the 12-year-old from Braemar if she had had any success in the dancing competitions.