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FISAForeign Intelligence Surveillance Act (US government)
FISAFederation Internationale Du Sport Automobile
FISAFédération Interprofessionnelle du Secteur Avicole (French: Interprofessional Poultry Sector Federation; Morocco)
FISAFederation Internationale des Societes d'Aviron (International Rowing Association)
FISAFinance Industry Standards Association (UK)
FISAFédération Indépendante des Syndicats Autonomes (French: Independent Federation of Autonomous Trade Unions; Canada)
FISAFederazione Italiana delle Società di Agopuntura (Italian Federation of Acupuncture Societies)
FISAFood Industry Suppliers Association
FISAFederation of Independent School Alumnae
FISAFootwear Institute of South Africa
FISAForget I Said Anything
FISAFianakaviana Sambratra
FISAFerris Indian Student Association
FISAFixed Income Strategy and Analysis
FISAFédération Internationale des Sociétés d'Aerophilatelic (French: International Federation of Aerophilatelic Societies)
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One of the most striking elements of the FISA system is the total absence of adversariality.
The judicial oversight in both FISA and previous versions of the Protect America Act constrain the executive branch on the front end - but only if the administration decides to follow the procedures that provide this oversight.
White House officials hoped that by agreeing to put the wiretaps under FISA authority, they could lower the political temperature and reach an accommodation with Congress.
There may be statutes with even more solid constitutional foundations than FISA, but if there are, they do not readily come to mind.
Republicans seem to be arguing that the FISA process should have been more interested in the actual actors behind the dossier.
Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) co-sponsored an alternative FISA reauthorization bill called the (https://www.
FISA says that government agencies are supposed to keep to a minimum the amount of information about Americans that they collect, keep and share as part of their foreign surveillance operations.
Apres les multiples sorties mediatiques de la FISA concernant l'absence des epidemies et la maitrise des virus lies a l'influenza aviaire, la Federation defend, cette fois, l'absence dans les differentes fermes d'elevage de volaille des aliments importes de l'etranger et qui comportent un risque cancerigene pour la consommation humaine.
The FISA court, which customarily rubber-stamps the actions of the surveillance state, was more stringent this time.
Therefore, without publication, stare decisis becomes harder to justify and should be avoided when it comes to truly secret opinions of the type the FISA courts produce.