FISACFonds d'Intervention pour la Sauvegarde de l'Artisanat et du Commerce (French: Intervention Fund for the Safeguarding of Crafts and Trade)
FISACFederation Internationale de Saut a la Corde (French: International Jump Rope Federation)
FISACFederal Information Services and Applications Council
FISACFederazione Italiana Sindacale Lavoratori Assicurazioni Credito (Italian labor union)
FISACFuture Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Sustainment and Acquisition Concept
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Or scan the extraordinary range of Miguel Fisac's work, occupying most of his 92 years: from prefabricated housing, to precast concrete systems that led to the least boring compositions: a pagoda, some very theatrical churches or villas with 'quilted' concrete surfaces.
(Results from the OIT-OMS/OPS model to prevent alcohol abuse and dependence in the work place) Mexico: Cuadernos FISAC.
The unit recorded sales of approximately US$520 million in the fisac year ended March 2006, and of employees 2,300.