FISATFederal Institute of Science and Technology (India)
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The ELEFAN I (Pauly & David 1981) and NSLCA (Shepherd 1987, Pauly & Arreguin-Sanchez 1995) methods were used to estimate growth parameters using the FISAT II package (Gayanilo et al.
Estimations of the K growth coefficient obtained using the 2 FISAT methods had high values (between 1.
Logiciel FISAT, FAO-ICLARM, Stock assessment tools: user's manual.
Among all indirect models examined, the model of Alverson and Carney (1975) yielded the lowest value, both for estimates fitted in each box using FISAT or for bootstrapped estimates taking into account variability in estimates for von Bertalanffy parameters (Fig.
04/y, for FISAT and bootstrap estimates, respectively (Fig.
At Santa Teresita adult individuals were not abundant which prevented the reliable calculation of a VBGF with FISAT (Gayanilo Jr.
However, for this study the L[infinity] value (92) was replaced by a L[infinity] value (128) calculated with the FISAT software (Gayanilo et al.
Using the size frequencies obtained throughout one sampling year and the growth parameters calculated by Hernandez (2001), the FISAT program routine for recruitment patterns (Gayanilo & Pauly 1997) was used.